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Ready for something new? Give Pinterest a Go! Step by Step!

Are you feeling like if you could grow your audience and get more eyeballs on your product or service you could dramatically increase your sales? 

Do you feel like you have tried Facebook and Instagram already and it is time to try something new?

If so, keep reading, I have something that will definitely help with that!

My Pinterest Powerhouse friend, Laura Rike, has recently updated her Masterclass and is launching it again LIVE on October 13th. 

She has created her signature Pintastic Growth to Greatness framework to help business owners, just like you and me, to make Pinterest profitable. 

On October 13th, she is going to be teaching the EXACT strategy that she uses to generate 10-15 new leads each day. It is the same strategy that helped her grow her business by $30K in just 45 days. 

I am so excited to learn the strategy myself and I thought you might like to learn it too. 

During the Masterclass, Laura is going to teach us:

Her step-by-step framework...

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No. 13 on the BOLD IMPACT Fun Things To Do list...Pracercise® with a Friend or alone! Go on now be like Joanna Rohrback, Be BOLD You in your own IMPACT Zone!

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2020

Prancercise® is a fun activity that anyone can do! This woman is totally being herself! I love it! Enjoy... 

Get the whole BOLD IMPACT  list of 50 Fun Things To Do  here

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Bonita Owens the found of the The Amazing Women Network shares her heart and her why!

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2020

When I first met Bonita her energy was contagious and inspiring to me. I didn't even know what she did yet I knew I wanted to be around her. So, when I read this on her website it all made sense! 

Amazing Women Network seeks to awaken the brilliance in every woman and encourage you to live a life that is aligned with who you are and who you desire to become.

So excited to be sharing the journey with Bonita - in this episode we are going to find out why she started the Amazing Women's Network, how her natural talents and skills play a part in her role AND what inspired her to step into this kind of work. 

Join us as we go on a journey talking about the "Sweet Spot" in life - you know when your talent, interests & abilities come together so you can do the life work that has been calling to you all along! 

We are so excited to be serving women to become all they can be! 

Today's show is sponsored by "becomingBOLDyou" and "Who Stole My Significance?"



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Do you know the truth about using Pinterest? Learning from someone who uses it daily is a wise choice!

Q. Pinterest - Really? Does it work? Is it worth learning another platform? 
A. Only if you do not want to “STOP leaving money on the table!”

https://cyndilu.com/pin You will learn how to STOP this madness during my friend Laura Rike’s Masterclass! 

We have partnered together to help you hear all about this! The links are affiliate links and you will be supporting both of us if you use it! Thank you… (there is no additional cost to you!)

We are de-BUNKING the Myths... 

This was posted on Laura's Social Media and its so helpful that I asked her if I could share it here! I really wanted to pass it on to you!

Quoted from Laura's SM Posts... 
*Long Post alert - but you will want to read to the end*
You just spent 1.5 hours looking up the best strategy for your facebook page... only to hear crickets on all your posts still.
You hired someone to write amazingsauce copy for your landing page... to have one person...

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the Legacy of a Person is more than just what they do it is WHO they are... So, Who Is Jay Goff?

Have you ever thought about who you really are? Are you looking to leave your ‘stamp’ on the world as they say? Have you ever met someone and just felt like we have so much in common? Our Guest is that kind of person for me, So Today will be a truly Candid Convo - Getting to know who Jay Goff is? Why a legacy is important to him and what he hopes it will be! AND who knows maybe we will even get a little song?!… we shall see… Join us - see the time in the post below… You can even get a reminder!

Who is Jay Goff? ...
from Leadership Training
to DiSC® Assessments & Training / Consulting
to Elvis & Supporting the Military - it's all JAY!

WHY this Guest? - Fellow Podcaster, Similar Passions - Personality - Performance (Singing) - Both have blended family with 8 children!

Jay Goff is a retired member of the US Army with 26 years of service and currently works with the US Postal Service.

He and his wife, Katrina are both members of...

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How An Online Community Can Connect You ‘IRL’ -In Real Life!


We are going to tackle questions such as: 
  • With all the over use of social media... why would an online community be a good thing?
  • For real…Is it Truly Possible to Build “REAL” Relationships Online?
  • How/can we have happiness online?

We all have a life message: This is Nancy’s - to find and/or rediscover your own happiness by connecting and yes, even online

"The Lightened Up Entrepreneur’s mission is to put you back in touch with your own empowerment, to let go of things you can and keep growing, especially while in a life transition. “Miss Nancy” is a Life Purpose/Happiness Coach, Community MoJo Manager, Motivational Speaker, Happiness Mixologist and a heck of a lot of fun!" read more...

(NOTE: Time listed below is California Time USA! )

Finding ways to connect and infuse your life with more happiness that is one thing that I know causes "Miss Nancy" to smile every time! 

 To connect more with...

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Living a Life of Purpose - Even after trauma is possible!

Kristy Snelson joins the beBOLDyou™ Podcast guests and shares with us a unique look at the trauma brain and how it can change the direction of our lives. How shifting our mindsets and learning how to reframe the thoughts we have will help us move forward in life. Mental health is a passion of Kirsty and she will be sharing with us her own life purpose around this topic. She hosts Saturday Seminars to promote mental health (especially for those in leadership) and has been in leadership training for the past 10  years.

We had a great interview today - it went over the traditional 30 minutes cause it was so good! We touched on some things in our Candid Convo that will be shared in another broadcast in the future. That show will be about defining manipulation: good vs. bad... and I am sure a whole lot more will come up. We want to invite you to join us to that show so if you want to be reminded when there is a new Live recording of the beBOLDyou™ Podcast be...

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Are our emotions a gift from God to help us in our journey of living and being?

Emotions in the Christian's Life

How important are emotions to living a healthy life?

Our Guest on the Candid Convo of the beBOLDyou™ Podcast with Cyndilu is going to help us decipher some of the myths around emotions and their importance in our life. 



To connect more with Mike Davis you have two options to connect. 
Go here to connect through his Personal Facebook Page 

To Connect with Mike at The Centre for Christian Training and Development go here now


Blessings and thanks for watching, commenting and sharing! 


To be a guest on the beBOLDyou™ Podcast with Cyndilu... Have a look at the available times and fill out the form that goes with the booking. Cyndilu will get back with you to confirm the booking. 

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There is literally nothing better than a great story - except a story that brings a transformation, that is!

Is telling story really all that important?

There is never a bad time to tell a really good story, is there? I have seen people stop in their tracks if they are overhearing a story worth listening to, have you? Karin Olson shares some priceless tips in this interview! And yes, I can post that before we even go live, she is one of the most masterful story tellers I have ever listened to... so come along and join us for this Podcast episode that is being recorded live on Facebook... 

Karin Olson is best known for how she weaves a ton of caring into her standard-setting innovative techniques that get people ... and their businesses ... not just seen and heard, but experienced. An award-winning attorney and award-winning entrepreneur, Karin's clients have experienced increases of tens of thousands of dollars by using even just one of Karin's strategies.

There is so much more to this story! Check out Karin's Website here.

Are you giving clients a story worth...

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What's a Bot? Do I need one? Can I really build REAL relationship through using a Bot?

Welcome to the world of Bots! We have with us the Bot Whisperer 

Amy Hartmann of the Botery - they Provide Chat Marketing and Automation Solutions, aka Chat Bot Creation & Management, For Clients in Top Industries

How do bots help me to grow my relationships? Don't they make people feel more disconnected from me?

 Need a bot and don’t want to do the work yourself… the Botery (Connect on Facebook!) can help you…



If you would like to be a guest on the beBOLDyou™ Podcast with Cyndilu... Have a look at the available times and fill out the form that goes with the booking. Cyndilu will get back with you to confirm the booking. 

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