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We are in the process of uploading our 100 total episodes of the beBOLDyou™ Podcast - mostly interview show! We are no longer taking applications to be a guest on the podcast. 

Cyndilu is holding weekly rooms in the BECOMING BOLD YOU Club on Clubhouse where she is talking about her book, the theory and practice of the beBOLDyou™ Personality Expressions System and you are encouraged to come on over to the Club and join in the fun!

 The original RSS Feed for the Podcast on Apple was deleted in error, Many of the episodes in their original format and publishing are over on Sound Cloud and here is the quick link to get to that feed of the podcast. 

You know you want to listen... Head on over there now... 

Be BOLD You Podcast with Cyndilu on Soundcloud!

Want to be a guest speaker in our weekly Clubhouse Rooms let us know and we will connect to see if we are a fit for each other. 

and...Remember to always Live Life Out Loud and Be BOLD You! 

The Podcast is being rebuilt and can be found here on this page Feed 
Or Type the following link into your browser window https://www.beboldyou.com/podcasts/beboldyou-podcast-with-cyndilu


Looking forward to connecting with you on the Clubhouse platform.


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